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We are located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Closer to home, we're  located halfway between Fresno and Bakersfield.  Visalia is about as centrally located in the state as a city can get.  The nearest beach is a 2.25 hour drive and a person can drive to snow in the winter in one hour; a ski resort in 2.5 hours.  Three national parks are easy drives from Visalia; Kings Canyon Natl. Park, Sequoia Natl. Park and Yosemite Natl. Park.  Kaweah Lake is a short 30 minute trip.  There are also numerous State Parks nearby.  Outdoor activities are endless.   The San Joaquin Valley is nicknamed the Bread Basket of the World. More agricultural products are produced here than anywhere else.  Along with agriculture is all the industries associated with it and supported by it. 
We are a very productive region  of a wide variety of products.  The 'richness' and 'wealth' in our valley may surprise you.  Education is high quality, the Health Industry is the counties number one employer and paying well.  Our community is family oriented  with enthusiastic support of schools, churches and community activities.  Our most recent population census reported Visalia with just over 102,000 residents.  We are one of the last affordable housing regions in the state of California.  If there's more you need answered,  just contact Empire Real Estate and we'll be delighted to provide you the answers you need. We know our people and places and we choose to make this our home.  We hope you'll make it yours too.

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Our housing market has increased 28% in one year.  It was the best investment people made.  Those who waited to purchase bought at a higher price and didn't realize as much gain on their investment.  At Empire Real Estate, we give you free, no obligation professional advice on Real Estate.  We have an educated and experienced advantage that's free for every buyer.  If you want to make the right decision for you and your family, contact us and simply make an informed decision.  There's no pressure - just knowledge to share with you so you know the options available to you for your individual situation.  We've heard it all, so shoot straight with us and get straight answers for a strategy that will work to get you a home at your pace, price and payment.

When we represent you as your realtor, we replace you on any active lease. We also have our own rental properties.  We're here to make your relocation hassle free.  We just ask that you remember The Empire steered you in the right direction and come back to Empire Real Estate when you decide the time is right for you to purchase or have a home built.

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