First impressions are so important to selling your home quickly while achieving your desire selling price. There are many facets that you can control to help you achieve the best show appeal. Curb appeal is probably the easiest to control, a few simple details can achieve great results. You should have a well manicured lawn: grass cut, raked, clean driveway and sidewalks. Flowers are crowd pleasers and a cleverly placed flower pot can add great enhancement value. Pay particular attention to first impression features such as the front door and entryways. Sometimes freshing up paint on a door adds great first appeal. It is also important to view your home from a buyers perspective and check for such repairs as worn paint, broken or chipped tiles. Remember a buyer that see too many repairs grows cynical. Check for leaking faucets, holes in walls, cracked window panes etc. Above all it is also a good idea to keep your home neat, clean and uncluttered for showing days. If possible pets should be outside. Soft background music is a plus as is leaving on lights and fans. Freshly baked goods adds delicious homelike smells and creates a pleasant mood.



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