What we do when you contact us with interest to sell


  1. We prefer to come to your home at your convenience and allow you to show us your home. We measure the home, unless you have a reliable source for the square footage. We take notes and we listen to you explain what your goals are, the time frame to sell the home, what your replacement home will be, what you've added to the home and anything else you would like to share with us. 
  2.  We schedule a second appointment to meet at either your home or our office. We present our pricing opinion to anyone with a vested interest in the property. We put the facts into your hands that will best accomplish selling the home to meet your objective, including the estimated amount you will receive the day the sale is final. We show you the comparable data on other homes. We answer any questions you have. If you need one appointment to handle it all, that can be done too.  At Empire Real Estate, we offer professional real estate services and advice, educate you on Real Estate buying, selling or trading and above all, do what is best for you and your family.
  3.  You are confident our Professional Services are right on target for your needs and the security of your family. We complete a 3 page listing agreement which is fully explained and agreeable to you. You tell us when the home is ready to market. We coach you and inform you on all the intricate details (the do's and don'ts).
  4. The normal procedure follows, but it can be tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • We don't simply place a sign in the yard. That will be what you see, but we also plan your best marketing strategy and coach you on dealing with potential buyers and real estate agents.
  • We place an electronic lockbox with a key in it on the exterior of the home. Only members of the Tulare County Assn. Of REALTORS can utilize the key and only by adhering to the showing instructions we provide to them.Each code used to open the box is recorded and the information is easy to retrieve Each professional showing your home to clients are requested to leave a business card. That lets you know who has been there. The box also has time restrictions that it will not allow access to your home before 8:00am or after 7:00pm. It's a very secure system.
  • The home's information and showing instructions are input into the Multiple Listing Service. This immediately posts to the internet and the information becomes available to the world through countless search engines. The public will see photos, the address, the asking price and a description of how great your property is. Your contact information is available only to members for the purpose of making appointments with you. As your agent, we may direct those calls to us and we are the only ones to contact you. You choose what works best for you, your pets and alarms.
  • We create a professional colored flyer for your home which encourages the potential buyer to come see the home from the inside. Most flyers give all the information and the buyer decides on the street if your home is the one or not. Your home deserves full consideration for all it offers and we want to show it off. We submit advertising to a number of resources. The Real Estate Plus publication is delivered to all subscribers' homes every other Thursday and is continuously available on stands throughout the area. The Real Estate Book is another publication on stands as well. There are many avenues for advertising. An Advertised Open House may also be an option.
  • Tours by our Empire Real Estate team will be scheduled with you as soon as possible to acquaint them with your home so calls are answered that turn into showing appointments for you. For more exposure, we schedule a Thursday morning tour for the entire Tulare County Assn of REALTORS.
  • We contact you when we have a written offers to present to you. We cover all the intricate details and negotiate on your behalf until every item is agreed upon by you and the buyer. We then hold the buyer to timelines to keep the transaction on course. We meet inspectors as needed, we handle issues that arise during the escrow period and we utilize complete disclosure documents which protect you after the sale as well. We take pride in offering successful transactions from start to finish. Our extremely high repeat business and referrals from past clients are our greatest proof. Our Empire is not a building. It's our strong network of professionals and the families that constantly join us.

Selling a home is an emotional time. We let you focus on celebrating with family and friends and packing the memories for the next home by professionally executing your Real Estate transaction. You'll get the most possible by the best!

At Empire Real Estate, we know how important your home is to you. We respect it as your home in every way. Let the Empire Lead you out of the Past and into the Future!


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